Some of your questions

When and where is picture day?
Your organization will have this information, please contact them for your scheduled date and time if you haven’t received an email pertaining the details.
How do I order photos?
Ordering is easy - just fill out an order form and hand it in to our staff at your photo booking or email it into us.
Where do I get an order form?
If you haven’t received an order form, please contact your organization to receive one, as there are certain forms for certain organizations. Still can’t obtain one? Send us an email with your organizations name and we will email one over to you.
Our photos are included with registration fees, so I’m not ordering anything, do I still have to fill out an order form?
You don’t have to, but if you want to make sure the spelling of your child’s name is correct, it would be best that you fill out your own form.
Will I see a proof of my photo?
Every organization has different procedures when it comes to viewing photos. If you are wanting a proof of your child, please contact us by email so that we can provide you with details.
I just love my photos; can I reorder some for grandparents?
Absolutely! The wonderful thing about SDI is that we keep all photos on file forever, so that reordering is easy for you.

Have a question?
Send us an email!

All your questions

You would have received a blank reorder form in your original photo package and all you need to do is fill it in and send it back to us with payment. Can’t find your form, no problem, just email us and we would be happy to send you the information.

It is very possible that we made a mistake, as we are only human over here and sometimes mistakes happen. We would never want you to have an error on your photos, so please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to assist you.

We accept visa, mastercard, cash, cheques, etransfers and debit (where location permits). Payment is required at your photo booking.

No problem, you can pay later for photos, however please keep in mind that the pricing may go up and there may be additional shipping charges.